Our formula for success has three ingredients: Innovation, Intelligence, and Technology

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Customer Service & Client Care

From paper, to phone, to online

Customer Relationship Management

Our trained escalations teams ensure that regardless of your customer’s concern, their loyalty and business with you isn’t hindered. Our customer service experts score high on tests for empathy and are trained to perform well in high-stress conditions.

E-Commerce Support

There are many important facets to a successful online business. End-to-end communication on all fronts, transactional assistance, optimizing user interfaces, and product/sales promotions are some of your key measures of success.

Office Administration and Management

Our contact centre takes your calls, emails, handles mailing, creates and manages appointments, and conducts all other administrative functions remotely so that you can focus on higher-level decision making.

Virtual/Executive Assistance

Time management is the key to success. Have our BPO manage your schedule, source resources, research topics, create your presentations, keep your minutes, and much more, while you focus on higher priorities.

Contact Center

All your basics in one place

Inbound and outbound calling

Whether your business centres around making outbound calls for sales or accepting inbound customer service calls, we build and train a team of customer service experts with ample experience to fit your needs perfectly.

Product Lifecycle Management

Managing a product from inventory, to the point of sale, to your covered warranty, recall, or end-of-life safe-handling, our contact centre takes care of it all. Just let us know what you need.

Marketing and Sales

Proven and tested measures for success.

Direct Marketing

Lead generation, or direct marketing, is a traditional and proven form of marketing that many of our clients value and prefer. We want to provide you with what works best for your business model, so we build you a team of the sharpest sales minds.

Digital Marketing

By working with all social media platforms, we market to your customers to increase engagement, brand awareness, and drive up sales. Regardless of the method you choose, our BPO goal for you is lead generation, customer loyalty and increase in sales.

Digital Campaigning

Everyone is watching, so give them something to see.

Social Media Management

Maintaining a presence in today’s commerce means more than traditional advertisement. In order to understand your customers, you must engage with them on platforms where they spend time. Customer retention, brand loyalty, and your public image are all related to how much people like you and your product/service online.

Optimize your online image

Your customers have a voice and readily-available online platforms to share them. An important component to maintaining an online image is knowing what your customers are doing and saying about you on social media. Our BPO monitors your ratings and reviews, taking action to boost and uphold your image against your competition as necessary.

Content Creation

We build and create the content your business needs to maintain a life online. Keep up with today’s competition by suggestively selling to your customers by maintaining active online profiles and websites using authentic images, posts and blogs.

Finance and Accounting

Keep all your ducks in a row

AR/AP Services

We create, process, and send work orders, invoices, purchase orders and payments, and pay your suppliers on time, without a hassle. All records are safely maintained and readily available for when you need them.

Billing Assistance

Whatever your billing process, our contact centre is available on the hours your customers may need assistance so ensure that all payments are made properly and on time.

Subscription Management

Acquiring new subscriptions, but also routinely communicating with existing users to get to know of their satisfaction with your brand is critical. Existing users offer great product/service insight on quality and likability. Not only does this allow you to work towards improvements, but if your customers are satisfied, it gives our customer servicers a great chance to upsell on your other services/products.

Transactional Banking and Consumer Compliance

Our top-of-the-line digital security system ensures that all consumer and commercial records are maintained with the highest security. We provide transactional banking support in the form of card activation, payment processing, payment reminders, and billing inquiries.

Accountant Services

Our professional, certified accountants have years of experience to provide remote support to CFO’s, CFA’s, and accounting firms.

Business Process Optimization

Build a system that anyone can run

Process Design

Whether you have existing processes that require re-writing, or have to create them from scratch, we do what it takes to create you an efficient system. We are experts at drafting Best Practice Standards, policies, workflows, and system charts for all the industries we support, relevant to the laws and legalities of the locations your business serves.


Best-in-class technology, including our enhanced IVR, ensure that your business is optimally automated. This ensures that your customers enjoy a simple, user-friendly interface while you enjoy cost-savings, customer satisfaction, and a quick turn-around.

Data and Analytics

Knowledge is a powerful tool – Use it to your benefit


Detailed reports and analytics save our clients millions of dollars each year. Understand trends, product strengths/weaknesses, or service improvements through period reports.

Client Dashboard

Our client dashboard is designed to provide you with up-to-date analytics at the tip of your fingers, for whenever you may need it.

Data Mining

Before we create your system, and then periodically thereafter, we review the data that we store to find trends and outliers. This serves us to understand your business initially, and then as a check-in-balance of our metrics thereafter, providing you with KPIs for ongoing improvements. Every business can always do better. This is one of our many tools to ensure your competitive edge

IT Strategies and Tech Support

The latest and greatest in gadgets and support

Network Support

Our IT professionals provide routine remote maintenance, troubleshoot as required, and keep your systems updated with the latest in-class hardware and software.

GPS Solutions

We provide the latest in technology for GPS tracking and mapping solutions for all of your vehicle monitoring, operations, and transportation needs.

Products Technical Support

A dedicated team of technical professionals studies your products, products manuals and common issues so that when your customers call, they can use their expertise to walk them through a solution, avoiding any potential return/exchange or refund requests.

Claims Management

Turn distress into new opportunities

Insurance Claims

For both commercial and personal insurance, we provide full life-cycle support for all types of claims. Our goal is to help you avoid overpayment, improve customer satisfaction, and increase cost-savings from the first notice of loss to closing.

Warranty Claims

Life-cycle management of claims from open to close.